Smart Stat

Smart Stat

All-In-One Commercial Thermostat and Humidistat with Seven Onboard Sensors to Manage Indoor Air Quality

Product Features:

  • Onboard IAQM for Maximal Productivity & Comfort: adheres to the WELL Building Standard metrics for indoor air quality without running wires or integrating data across multiple different sensor units, ensuring a more comfortable and productive indoor environment while achieving energy savings.
  • Seven Onboard Sensors: with the device’s temperature, humidity, VOC, light, sound, and occupancy sensors, indoor air quality can be monitored and controlled in a single step.
  • Personalized Zone Control: controls almost any existing HVAC equipment as a quick-install retrofit or new-build solution.
  • Improved Installation: installation takes a matter of minutes due to easy Bluetooth pairing and no programming required
  • Secure Wireless Mesh Network: unlike Wi-Fi connected thermostats, our secure and proprietary encrypted 900MHz mesh network for lightweight, best-path communications between devices and the Central Control Unit.
  • Web & Mobile Access: the Airoverse web portal and mobile apps give owners and facility managers remote control, monitoring and analytics of IAQ Smart Stat data for building and equipment performance across multiple sites, floors and zones.


Mechanical Specifications:

Dimensions: 154mm x 103.2mm x 39.6mm

Mounting: Two (2) screws in drywall

Operating Temp: 32-122°F (0-50°C)

Accuracy & Range Specifications:

Temperature: Typical +/- 0.2C

Humidity: Typical +/- 2% RH

VOC: Derived CO2: 0-60,000ppm; optional dedicated CO2: 0-2,000ppm; TVOC: 0-60,000ppb; typical accuracy: 15% of measured value

Light: High-accuracy UV index sensor; matches erythemal curve; ambient light sensor; <100 mlx resolution

Sound: 40-120dB

Occupancy: 35-degree field of view

Electrical Specifications:

Power: 24V AC/DC, consumption <1VA

I/O Specifications:

Input: (2) 10K Type-2 thermistor inputs with 2% accuracy,
(2) 0-10V analog voltage inputs with 2% detection accuracy

Output: (6) Relays 125V AC/0.3A, 30V DC/1A

Communication Specifications:

Bluetooth: BLE 4.1 used during commissioning and wireless triangulation

Mesh: 915 Mhz Mesh IEEE 802.15.4-compliant; used for device communication on mesh network

Wired: 4-wire RS-485 interface, 5V 100mA power source
3 wire sensors bus for daisy chained sensor communication and 3V power

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