Smart Node

Smart Node

Go-Anywhere Wireless Terminal Equipment Controller for Any HVAC Equipment

Product Features:

  • One Device to Rule Them All: 11 interface ports and a high-contrast screen for control of plant equipment, terminal units, dampers, valves, lighting circuits, OEM or third-party sensors, and more.
  • Constant or Variable Volume & Temperature Systems (CAV or VVT): increase comfort and energy efficiency with control at both the damper and the air handler to redirect air where it is needed the most.
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV): power up and pair via Bluetooth in seconds, select a pre-written sequence of operation, and never deal with wires or manual programming ever again.
  • Predictive Control and Outside Air Optimization (OAO): extra-long-range 900 MHz wireless network to and from the cloud every 60 seconds plus standalone emergency operation.
  • LCD Display: faster pairing, connecting, testing, and troubleshooting means lower costs and more consistent installations, all without voltmeters, programs, application licenses, or laptops.
  • Long-Range Antenna: transmits and receives encrypted data over a secure and self-assembling wireless mesh network, with sophisticated firmware to adapt to disruption and always find the least-time path to the CCU.
  • Smart Damper Control: two analog points allow for precise control of modulating damper actuators, all with local mounting and powering via low voltage 24v AC/DC at terminal equipment.
  • 24V Input & Output Daisy Chain Power: designed to be a simple and powerful general purpose terminal equipment controller, allowing 24v AC pass through to daisy-chain up to 24 devices.


Mechanical Specifications:

Dimensions: 135.9mm x 150.1mm x 27.7mm

Operating Range: Humidity 20-85% non-condensing; Temperature 0-122°F (-17 to 50°C)

Screen: OLED

Termination: WAGO2061 series poke-in connectors, 3 and 4-wire Molex connectors, RJ-45 for Smart Dampers.

I/O Specifications:

Inputs: (2) thermistor inputs – 10K Type 2 or 0-50KΩ resistance, (2) 0-10v analog inputs – 10K impedance

Outputs: (2) 0-10v or 4-20ma analog outputs, (2) relays rated for 24V AC/DC, 1A, resistive load, (2) RJ-45 ports for Smart Dampers, Motor output 2W / 6.5V, 300mA

Compliance Specifications:

Pollution Grade: 2

Certification: Humidity 20-85% non-condensing, temperature 0-122°F (-17 to 50°C)

Communication Specifications:

Bluetooth: BLE 4.1 for commissioning, triangulation and communication to wireless sensors

Mesh: 915 MHz Mesh IEEE 802.15.4-compliant, for communications to CCU

Wired: 4-wire interface for RS 485 communication @ 115200 baud and 5V 100mA power source, 3-wire sensor bus for daisy chained sensor communication and 3V power

Electrical Specifications:

Supply: 24V AC/DC input (+/- 15%)

Peak Consumption: 5VA (during Smart Damper calibration), typical <1VA consumption

Protection: IP 20, NEMA Type 1

Rated Impulsive Voltage: 330V RMS

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