HyperStat/HyperStat Split

The world's most advanced thermostat and humidistat, with eight ONBOARD IAQ sensors for hyper-localized control

Product Features:

  • High-Resolution Thin-Film Screen: dual set point control and sequences deliver energy-efficient spaces and optimum building health.
  • Real-Time Insight: view zone schedules, fan settings, all available sensor data and output statuses, and so much more.
  • Intuitive Touch Slider: enjoy the power of indoor air quality management and localized control, all at the tip of a finger.
  • Occupancy Sensor: redirects airflow to high-traffic areas and prevents zones from going into setback when occupied.
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensors: precise digital sensors measure real-time environmental data for optimal comfort.
  • Sound Sensor: measure audio levels to meet WELL criteria for productivity and use open areas more effectively.
  • Light Sensor: record light levels to monitor and manage optimal indoor conditions.
  • VOC, PM2.5, and CO2 Sensors: track air quality standards and allow fresh outdoor air to be supplied to specific floors or rooms, boosting ventilation and reducing indoor air pollutants in confined spaces.
  • Six Control Relays: flexible relay assignments for controlling a range of existing HVAC equipment.
  • Three Analog Outputs: localized damper control for granular demand control ventilation.
  • RS485 Port & Bluetooth: better device communication, plus fast and stable installation.


Mechanical Specifications:

Dimensions: 165mm x 115mm x 29mm (6.5” x 4.5” x 1.15”)

Screen:  2.8” 240×320 pixel TFT LCD

Mounting: Two (2) screws in drywall

Operating Temp: 0-122°F (-17-50°C)

Accuracy & Range Specifications:

Temperature: Typical +/- 0.2C

Humidity: Typical +/- 2% RH

PM2.5, PM10: Optional; detection range of 0-1000ug/m3 and accuracy of +/- 10ug/m3 (PM2.5, 0-100ug/m3) or +/- 25ug/m3 (PM10, 0-100ug/m3)

Light: High-accuracy UV index sensor; matches erythemal curve; ambient light sensor; <100 mlx resolution

Occupancy: Passive Infra-Red (PIR) with a detection range of 4m with 15-degree angle

VOC Sensor with Derived CO2: TVOC within 15% of the measured value. CO2 within 620 ppm.

Sound: 40-120dB response for 100 Hz to 10kHz

I/O Specifications:

Inputs: (2) 10K Type-2 thermistor inputs with 2% accuracy

Outputs: (2) 0-10V analog voltage inputs with 2% detection accuracy

Electrical Specifications:

Power: 24V AC/DC (+/- 15%) with maximum power consumption of 2.5W

Communication Specifications:

Bluetooth: Used during commissioning, triangulation, and communication to wireless sensors

Mesh: IEEE 802.15.4-compliant; used for device communication on the mesh network

Wired: 4-wire RS-485 interface

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