Helio Node

Helio Node

Helio Node

a Multi-Role Equipment Controller with
Occupancy and air quality sensors

Product Features:

  • Do More with Less: a user-friendly ring close for one-handed installation and a four-button LCD screen, delivering fast and error-free installs and commissioning.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: versatility and sleek design that can meet a wide array of building or design requirements.
  • Five Onboard Sensors: with the device’s light, occupancy, CO₂, humidity, and temperature sensors, indoor air quality can be monitored and controlled in a single step.
  • Long-Range Antenna: boosts range while delivering best-in-class power consumption on a fully self-assembling wireless mesh network.
  • Maximum Extensibility: RS485 port and Bluetooth enable communication with a wide range of current and future equipment, plus faster, easier installation.
  • LCD Display: faster pairing, connecting, testing, and troubleshooting for simpler, more consistent installations.


Mechanical Specifications:

Dimensions: 139.37 mm x 34.75 mm

Mounting: Spring or pipe

Screen: TFT LCD, 1.77″, 128 (RGB) * 160 pixels

SENSOR Specifications:

Temperature: Operating range between 0 to 125° C; typical accuracy of +/- 0.2C

Humidity: Sensing range between 0 to 100% RH; typical accuracy of +/- 2% RH

Dedicated CO₂ Sensor: Range 0 to 10,000ppm; 400-1000ppm Accuracy +/- 75ppm; 1001-2000ppm Accuracy +/- (40ppm + 5% of reading)

Light: Ambient light sensor; high-accuracy UV index sensor; matches erythemal curve; < 100 mix resolution

Occupancy: Passive Infra Red (PIR) with detection range of 4m with 30-degree angle

Electrical Specifications:

Power: 24V AC/DC (+/-15%) with nominal power consumption 1.0W and maximum consumption of 2.5W

I/O Specifications:

Inputs: A. (2) thermistor inputs. 10K, B. (2) 0-10V DC analog inputs

Outputs: A. (2) 0-10V DC or 4-20mA analog outputs, B. (2) relays rated at 1A, 120V AC or 24V AC/DC resistive load

Communication Specifications:

Bluetooth: Bluetooth (BLE4.2) for commissioning, location analysis or communication to wireless sensors

Mesh: 900 MHz IEEE 802.15.4-compliant for communication to CCU

Wired: 4 wire port for power/communication to Local Interface Sensor

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